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In 2013, just as I was about to turn 30, I decided something HAD to change. I was working a desk job, living a very sedentary life. I didn't feel like myself + I wanted to limit health concerns that run in my family. I was also tired of feeling like my body was holding me back + I didn't want to go the diet route since that had not worked well for me in the past, in terms of long term sustainability. I also wanted to age actively! I wanted to be 80 + go scuba diving or whatever I feel like doing at 80! 

Through gradually making changes to my nutrition, changing my relationship with food + finding fitness I loved (weightlifting!), I had started to create the more active life I had envisioned for myself. Over time I have been able to change my habits + mindset to love being active + strong. The internal focus on listening to my body is how I have been able to be consistent for the last 10 years through the ebbs and flows of life. I still enjoy the foods that support my health, fitness goals while still enjoying food that might not be considered "healthy"...liiiiiike tacos and ice cream WITHOUT FEELING BAD ABOUT IT. 


Spoiler alert- you don't have to give up certain foods. There is a way to stop depriving yourself. There is a world where you can love yourself, love your body + live a happier, healthier life. A world where you can eat what you want to...because you are an adult! It is possible to ENJOY moving your body, fitness-ing + get stronger without forcing yourself to do it. Fitness can be FUN?? YES!! 


If you are looking for a supportive coach who can help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, I am ready to hear from you!! Maybe you want to start some fitness but aren't sure where to start or if you're just plain tired of typical short term "diets" that just don't work (studies show the long term efficacy rate of "diets" at around 5%...). OR maybe you are looking to take your current strength training routine to the next level.

Why me? I am Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. As your coach, I'll help you learn to see "failures" as information and help you decide what to do with that information. I'll help you understand more about what your body is or has been trying to tell you + to learn to listen to it + then WHAT to do with that information. I'll help you work through obstacles that have been holding you back from consistently moving your body or enjoying food without deprivation. Most importantly, I'll help you learn to love your body + not see it is as this thing that we need to constantly be obsessing over or trying to change to fit into some narrow standard of "beauty" or what bodies "should" look like (according to whom?!).

I utilize my 10 years of teaching experience to effectively teach and coach individuals in overall lifestyle design. I also utilize my extensive research skills from my MS in social sciences to stay up to date on the latest research around health, fitness, nutrition, mindset + beyond so that you aren't wasting your time doing things that don't work long diets!

I have over 8 years experience training + competing in Olympic lifting, working with some of the top coaches and athletes in the US + abroad. Before being a trainer, I worked for Eleiko, one of the top weightlifting supply companies in the world for 3 years + was so fortunate for the opportunities to learn from + lift with some of the top weightlifters in the world. I prioritize longevity through form + moving well with great technique before loading. 

For the last 5 years I have shared my knowledge of strength by being a personal trainer. Before that I gained my experience working with people of ALL ages + abilities, some with significant movement limitations as a group coach in the functional exercise space. I am comfortable coaching those who just starting out to amateur competitive athletes. I have an adaptive training which in addition to my coaching experience, has furthered my knowledge of modifying exercises to meet each person where they are. I am now using this knowledge with my pre/postnatal training to continue to be able to modify throughout pregnancy + rehabbing, bulletproofing the body after birth. This specialization has also helped me understand more about the female body + how to adapt training more effectively for women.

I'm here, I'm ready. I would be honored to be your SIDE-KICK on your health + wellness journey!!

Live Life Well

Coach Jessica/JT (she/her), MS

Precision Nutrition Level 1

USA Weightlifting L1

GGS Pre- Postnatal Coaching Specialist

CF-L2 Trainer

Other training:

Eleiko Certified Strength Coach

Adaptive Training

SafeSport Trained

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