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Pre/Postnatal 1:1 Training
Virtual, Semi-virtual, In-Person Available

The INFit Mom is a unique evidence based approach to training. This 1:1 training focuses specifically on the needs of a new mother, someone who has had children OR women who have NOT had children but who regularly experience symptoms like leaking during exercise.  About 85% of women will have a child, yet very few trainers or coaches have knowledge of the special changes a women's body + mind goes through before, during + after pregnancy. 

1:1 training can begin prior to or during pregnancy to build a baseline of strength and endurance, meeting you at your current fitness level. Mother + baby can receive the benefits of physical fitness + movement at any point during pregnancy. This includes women with no previous exercise experience as long as you're experiencing a "normal" pregnancy (American College of Sports Medicine-ACSM, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

Why exercise before, during, after pregnancy?

  • Easier pregnancy, delivery + recovery

  • Increase/maintain good energy levels for day to day activities

  • Increase/maintain strength + cardiovascular levels

  • Strengthening in good postures with proper breathing can encourage a reduction in typical pregnancy symptoms like back pain, pelvic pain

  • Reduce core + pelvic floor dysfunction (potentially in conjunction with your pelvic health physical therapist)

  • Re-train the core + pelvic floor post pregnancy 

  • Prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy

  • Reduces risk of gestational diabetes

  • Prevents/improves symptoms of depression

  • Among MANY others...

Check out this great overview from the ACSM about the benefits of exercise for pre- & postnatal women. 

What to expect:

  • Meeting you at your current activity level + modifying movements or training whenever necessary

  • Focus on body alignment + proper breathing while moving

  • Exercises + breathing aimed at targeting + toning the pelvic floor musculature

  • Nutrition guidance to support healthy mom + baby

  • Ongoing movement + mobility assessment 

  • Ongoing core + pelvic floor assessment

  • Have fun in a supportive environment + focused time for YOU! 

Coach Jessica is excited to be able to support women by applying her vast knowledge of strength + conditioning with the industry's most well respected + comprehensive evidence-based program methods for coaching pregnant and postpartum women by Girls Gone Strong.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions that you have by contacting 

or by scheduling your intro TODAY!

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