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Changing Tides in 2021: Intentions vs Resolutions

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Whew, if the end of year messages about what you 'should' do/'shouldn't' do, eat/'shouldn't' eat, drink/'shouldn't' drink, what your body 'should' look like, what you did/didn't accomplish. Don't even get me started on the COVID-15. This might be coming from friends, family, social media, the news. Why do we feel we need so many ways to focus on the negative and what we don't have? Not only that, making good for YOU choices (whatever that means for you) isn't always easy. And a lot of times it feels and/or IS hard! Especially in a pandemic. So make it easier on yourself so you can do it consistently. Take the thought fatigue out of the equation, build instead of break down. Positive instead of negative, ADD instead of SUBTRACT.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I haven't made any for many years. I DO believe in using this as a changing of the tides, a time of renewal, using this idea as a way to embrace change and check in with yourself. I am really loving the 'tides' metaphor right now. Maybe it's over-played, maybe not. I really don't care. I see it as a reminder that we cannot stop change but we can learn to move with it, within it? That life will ebb and flow; we need to learn to ebb and flow with it. That sometimes things are awesome and sometimes things are NOT awesome #2020. But that these things are not permanent, time will pass, things will change again.

I was curious to look up the definition of 'resolution'. What I noticed was a theme of analyzing, solving, breaking things down into simpler parts, passing of a voice in musical notation, a pathological state, decision/determination.

So what then, instead of the traditional idea of New Year's Resolutions? More on that after you ask yourself these questions, write the answers down: How often have you made resolutions in the past? What were those resolutions? Like, seriously, list that shit out. How many of them do you, right now, do consistently? READ: regularly day to day or week to week for the last 6 months- a year or more? My guess is that for most of us, there aren't many we've kept long term. For the ones you ARE still doing, how did you get here? What did that look like through the days/months/years after you started it? What steps did you take? Be specific.

Instead of setting traditional "change all the things" resolutions, I encourage you to think about reflecting on what worked last year and what didn't. Set INTENTIONS for 2021. RESET, how can you expand and set goals that you work backwards from to create a realistic roadmap of steps? How can you plan in time for potential disruptions? Consider your day to day, how is your day set up, your kitchen for preparing food, your bedroom/bathroom for sleep and self care? Your office for work? Your entire environment for movement? Do you think ahead a little bit each week at potential road blocks that might get in the way of your priorities? What tools do you need to do these things? REMEMBER you don't have to do all the things, these are just questions to help you consider what you want 2021 to look like. Progress over perfection. There is something to be said, particularly in a time like now, for maintaining and strengthening current practices too!

  • What are your big rocks in 2021? Meaning, your top priorities. Like big rocks, they stick out. These are often career, family, health or other self-development focused.

  • What are the things you enjoy doing but aren't a total necessity? The 'pebbles' of your life and how do those fit in?

  • What sand do you like to do and what will that look like?

Some of these things require tradeoffs. For example, in order to add in 15 minutes of some food prep you might have to give some sand back, like 15 minutes of watching tv. Not sure where your time is going? Or THINK you know where it's going? Do a time diary, take data and know for sure. If you don't plan your time (finite resource) it WILL be taken from you.


INF Daily Time Diary
Download PDF • 324KB

More on my goals for the year later - I'm honestly still in a bit of reflection mode. FIRST here's what I have done this past week to move through the weird ass holidays and get excited about 2021...I think this is my 'ebb'...and then I shall 'flow'...

  • I purchased my next Self Journal. I have been using these 13-week journals and planners for about 2 years now. I have used MANY planners in the past, these are by far my favorite and I have used most consistently out of any. Very rarely does it get shoved to the side for days. I flip flop between their Journal and Planner (both are planners, just slightly different focus/features) and this quarter moving back to the journal.

  • I am revisiting some things that have worked well for me in the past + bringing back my go to food list! I'm tired of thinking about what to cook and I LOVE to cook! I also want to get back to some meals that we haven't had in awhile. Do this, thank me later. POST about this coming soon and I'll tell you all about my process!!

  • Our home has welcomed a lovely little puppy named Lola ← a COMPLETE overhaul of routines is underway, adjusting a little bit each day. She is smart, HILARIOUS, cuddly, and has been one of the most wonderful disruptions/slight distractions I've had in a LONG time. Currently re-writing my daily schedule with my business, my training, Lola's training and all the other 'life-ing' stuffs. Trying things out each day, keeping what works, ditching what doesn't.

  • Making a list of updated 5 minute actions that I want to focus on daily to help with the new routines. I also do Pomodoro so this list makes it really easy for me to reference when I need to do to change gears on my 5 minute work breaks. (AGAIN, less mental fatigue of making decisions. The list is RIGHT there!)

If this was helpful to you please share! Post below THE ACTIONS YOU ARE TAKING THIS WEEK. Share your goals or things that have worked well for you during this time of year below! LET'S GOOOO!!!!!!


Adapted from "Effective Ways To Make Time for Exercise and Nutrition" Infographic, Precision Nutrition

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